Your Name Is Like A Sweet Perfume Poured Upon My Soul

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Have you ever met anyone and they said? “I just like you for some reason.” That’s fragrance! On the other hand, have you ever met anyone and the chemistry between the two of you were off? That’s fragrance. Fragrance is something we all wear. It can’t be contained or controlled. You either wear it or you don’t. But, everyone has access to it. 

I’m reminded of a time, I was going on my first date. My mother purchased me a new outfit, a new pair of shoes, and she curled my long black hair. But in my mind, there was one thing missing. I have always been a perfume kind of gal so my outfit wasn’t complete until I decided on my fragrance.

I decided on a sweet fragrance that I still wear today, by Chanel called “Chance.” Every time I wear that fragrance, I received so many compliments. However, after getting myself almost ready for my date, I went to my bedroom and pick up that favorite bottle of perfume to intensify the fragrance. [I was taught to spray the perfume in my hair, around my neck, inside my elbows, On my wrists, and on my ankles. Yes, I said ankles]. 

Photo by Natanni on Unsplash

Upon picking up my favorite bottle of perfume, it fell on the floor and the perfume went everywhere. I couldn’t believe I dropped it. Screaming “Momma!”…..I scurried to the bathroom closet to get a towel to wipe it all up.

I remember my brother walking into the kitchen and asking my mother. What’s wrong with Valerie [as I was pitching a fit] and what is that smell? Oh! Valerie dropped her favorite bottle of perfume. My brother walked to my bedroom and said, “It smells so good in here.”

It’s so funny because during the holidays or other family gatherings, my brother still chuckles over the time I dropped my perfume. [He doesn’t get why it was such a big deal!] But, my brother does remember the fragrance that lasted for months.

But, even more vividly. I remember the fragrance couldn’t be contained. I felt like we could smell it in every room, in our clothes and even in the car. For months, the fragrance remained, even when my mother did the laundry. If it was my week to fold the laundry, I made sure that towel was mine.

The smell was so strong; it would greet you at the front door. Whenever our family and friends came to visit, they would even ask about that smell.

Shouldn’t the fragrance of the Holy Spirit be upon us the same way? Shouldn’t it linger a lifetime? Shouldn’t we wear it with every outfit and in the way we should present ourselves?

If we’re really wearing the fragrance of God’s name. It can’t be contained. It can’t be hidden.  Esther found favor in the sight of the King? In Esther 12:2: She had to go through a season of beautification for 12 months. Six months with the oil of myrrh, and the other six months her body was prepared with sweet spices. 

Esther knew the value of fragrance. She was divinely preparing herself to save her people because God anointed and favored her above other women. Esther wore the favor of God and nothing could stop the fragrance or frustrate the purpose she was called to do.

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

In Matthew 26:7, a woman [Mary Magdalene] came to Jesus with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on his head as he was reclining at the table. As she broke the bottle, the fragrance filled the room. The fragrance couldn’t be contained. 

Mary knew what the fragrance was designed to do for Jesus. Judas complained to Jesus about the cost of the oil and mentioned the money should have been used for the poor. Jesus spoke up and pretty much said, “Leave her alone.” 

That’s usually how it is when we are doing something great. Someone usually comes along to speak against your gift. Your fragrance! You have to remember. Mary knew her assignment because her fragrance filled the room. She was favored [accepted] at the feet of Jesus. 

As you are working through your prayer journey and asking God to “teach us to pray,” continue to ask God, to allow His Name to be like a sweet perfume poured upon your soul. The more you develop that relationship with Him. The more you will desire to wear His name. The name of Jesus will be recognized. You won’t be able to contain it.
It will become your fragrance! 

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

In closing, the fragrance you’re desirIng to wear will cost you something. But, first, you will have to deny yourself for the favor and the acceptance of God to remain with you. Nonetheless, it will be worth the fragrance you’ll wear and share with others a lifetime.

My prayer over your life…

 “The Fragrance of Christ’s Name Be On You!

Father, “Pleasing is the fragrance of Your perfumes; Your name is like perfume poured out upon my soul, No wonder the maidens love You!” Song of Solomon 1:3 (NIV)

Father, let your fragrance and the oil of acceptance come upon me. Thank you for blessing me because I am righteous and have entrusted me to wear your name and divine favor. Father, let me carry the atmosphere of heaven on my life. Let me carry the atmosphere of heaven on my life so when others see me. Your fragrance and your great name lingers on their life a lifetime. Let the fragrance of heaven look at me and provide me with the oil of acceptance here on earth to do your will. Baptize me with the fragrance of heaven. Release your fragrance in my life that I’m accepted everywhere I go. Father, let my name be brought forth like a sweet perfume. Lord, when my name is mentioned, let favor speak for me. I cast down the spirit of rejection, let the fragrance of heaven cancel it because the oil of acceptance is on me all the days of my life. Father, you know the plans and the future for my life. I declare. I shall always dwell and be anointed with fresh favor and acceptance. In Jesus Name.