Wow! What’s That Smell

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“My Fragrance of Prayer” blog was just published. However, I wanted to share my experience when my husband and I ordered a salad from one of our favorite pizza parlors. I’m wowed by our experience!

As we were waiting in the long line, [I guess everyone got hungry and ordered at the same time] my husband asked me if I wanted to order a veggie pizza to go along with our salads. I simply said. “No!” I’m not that hungry and the salad should be enough.

Upon getting to the window, the cashier was on the phone so it took her a few minutes to get to our order.

Shortly after, she opened the window and asked my husband for the name on the order. I started laughing so hard. My husband looked at me and said. “Wow! Do you smell that? Whew! It smells so good.” We should have ordered that small veggie pizza to go with our salads. I didn’t say a word. I turned my head and looked out of the window and chuckled. Thanking God for this pizza experience.

The fragrance didn’t only smell good. But, we got a glimpse of what that freshly baked pizza looked like. We could just imagine the round crust, dripping with mozzarella and provolone cheese, and all of the other special vegetables we wanted on top. Gosh! I’m salivating thinking about that pizza we had the opportunity to order.

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

My experience was more than just going to get salads for dinner. It simply allowed me to see how the fragrance of something can draw you in so deep, that you lose focus on the reason your in that place.

On our way home, my husband talked and talked about the fragrance of that pizza parlor. He just wouldn’t quit. So, I told him about my blog “The Fragrance of Prayer.” He said, “What if our prayers created that kind of smell every time we went to God? God would never leave our presence. He also said, “None of us would ever leave God’s presence.”

Again, after getting home and preparing to eat our salads, I said to my husband “That veggie pizza would have topped off our meal tonight.” Right! I guess we’ll know better next time.

Well! Enough about that veggie pizza…

Take a moment!

What if we had a fragrance like that in prayer? A fragrance that lets people know that we’ve been in God’s presence. I don’t believe that many of us would encounter some of the problems we suffer because of that sweet precious perfume that we put on daily. A fragrance you could wear a lifetime.

Photos on Unsplash

Remarkably, when Solomon dedicated the temple, the people praised God with and then something amazing happened. A cloud formed—inside the building. “The Glory of the Lord filled the temple.” It became so intense that the priests couldn’t even work.

Glory to God! His presence was that strong. So what does that mean: They were in total awe of God to the extent that nothing mattered. The glory cloud was so thick—that they literally couldn’t see what they were doing. God’s presence was all that mattered so they just lingered or were drunk in His presence.

In addition, let’s conclude that God’s presence was so significant that all the activity ceased. My mind can’t even phantom that moment in His presence.

In conclusion, If you don’t do anything but bask in God’s presence. The fragrance of prayer will come upon you and consume the place you’re in. It will simply breathtaking.

Checkout these candles and the fragrances I use during my prayer time with God. It sets the atmosphere for God’s glory to overwhelm you. Also, I use different prayer shawls as I’m petitioning God’s divine favor over me everyday. Please stay in touch to let me know how your prayers and the shawl is working for you.