When Is Enough, Enough?

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Peter was one of Jesus’s twelve disciples and he never had a problem speaking up about anything. He was either defending or denying Jesus Christ. As Jesus was being tormented before His crucifixion, a damsel approached Peter and asked him “Are you one of His disciples?” Without thought, Peter denied being a follower of Jesus Christ. To that end, I’m truly convinced Peter was dealing with humility issues.

Was Peter not humble when dealing with insurmountable situations? No! He wasn’t. He. Like many of us are too prideful to take all of our cares to Jesus Christ. We would rather mull over them until they’re too big for us to handle. Then, we take those issues, Jesus Christ, when they are out-of-hand. In short, too big for us to carry.

If you are struggling night and day trying to find solutions to your problems. You’re Peter. You’re taking matters into your own hands as though God is not able to rescue you from the situations that are troubling you. You have to stop telling yourself…”God is going to make a-way.”, But, we’re really pondering other ways to figure it out.”.

For example, have you ever had a friend that called you everyday talking and complaining about the same old thing? I think we’ve all been in that dreadful situation and we refused to handle before it became too big for us.

Truth be told. We took the matter into our own hands because we didn’t want to hurt our friend’s feelings. We also couldn’t bring ourselves to tell them; we’re not up to listening to the same old news every day. So, we ignored the phone calls. Over time, the issue created anxiety. It seemed logical, at that moment, to keep ourselves in that state of anxiety because we were hoping the issue would correct itself.

In short, we couldn’t bring ourselves to a place of humility by letting our friends know that complaining about life issues never makes anything better. Only worse.

The best solution to our anxiety, worry and fear is “Casting.”

Every time I pick my grandson up from school, he rushes to the car, opens the back door, and he cast [throws] his backpack into the backseat. He jumps into the front seat with so much excitement. But more importantly, I think he’s excited about throwing that heavy backpack into the backseat because he has carried that load all day.

If you are carrying a heavy load, get excited about casting that load upon Jesus Christ because He cares for us. Every time you’re confronted with an issue that’s too great for you. Walk-in humility. Humble yourself and give God the opportunity to work your situation out according to His divine will.

We can no longer afford to tell God. “We got this one.” Peter, clearly showed us when we act contrary to God’s word and we don’t humble ourselves. God can’t step in to take care of our affairs. Be anxious for nothing.

In conclusion, we all have learned to trust God through tough experiences. Jesus knows all about our troubles. There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus. No. Not. One. Jesus has been touched with the feelings of our infirmities. Can you imagine the anxiety Jesus felt going to the cross? Yes, He was overwhelmed with the process of suffering and going to the cross. But, he endured to the end.

Ponder this…The real answers to our issues come when we look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. If you have ever doubted God’s care for you, it’s evident in the cross and His cry. One of the thieves on the cross said…”This man has done nothing wrong.” And, said “Lord, will you remember, me in your kingdom?” Jesus said…”You will be with me in paradise.” Even at the point of Jesus’s anxiety, he still fulfilled His Father’s will. That we all have eternal life.

So, as you are fighting this secret battle, and asking these questions… “Will I ever get over this? Will it always be this way? Why can’t things be different for me?” They can. Come! Jesus is standing in the shadows waiting for you.