Lately, I’ve Needed A Well!

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Lately, I’ve needed a well! When was the last time you looked into a well? What were your thoughts? Did it scare you? Did you get an overwhelming feeling of “what if I fall in?” Or, was it just a well? Well! Let me give you a different perspective from a biblical standpoint. The Bible speaks a lot about wells. John 4:14 – But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. Wells are important so it’s good to understand what the big deal is. Particularly when most of us are able to turn on the tap water and it just flows freely out of a faucet. Just know that God not into us digging wells and filling them. 

So, let’s go back in time a little bit and think about wells. Wells were used in hot dry climates so animals and people could drink water and crops could grow and thrive. Without wells, life would simply not be sustainable. But, in God’s eyes, wells represent so much more. The Bible talks about wells and the people who own them. They were independent, possessed a lot of land and had a right to live in that given place. 

However, when an owner dug a new well. It symbolized his blessings and his ownership was being established. So, you see clearly what this blog is about… wells. You can own one too! 

As I think about Isaac, God was not just giving him a place to settle. He was establishing his future and the nation of Israel in a certain place where they could thrive for generations to come. The Bible talks about the difficulty and the problems at the start of trying to establish Isaac. And, we see he had to move a couple of times, but God’s purpose wasn’t creating a place of promise and blessings in a foreign land. He was creating a place where he wouldn’t have to dig and fill wells. 

My God… The Lord is speaking. It’s the same purpose with us. Wherever we go, God has placed us in places where we can thrive and grow from the wells that are around us. And as difficulties come and we are moved to certain places. God’s purpose is to settle us in wealthy established places that will belong to us forever. God’s desire is not for us to dig and fill our own wells. He will send the rain to keep us nourished so we can thrive. 

Speak Lord! Please send the rain. 

I’m reminded of the story of the woman at the well in Samaria (John 4). Jesus had a purpose when He went to the well in Samaria to meet the woman. Yes, Jesus spoke to the woman at the well but it wasn’t just His common place to show up. He had a purpose while He was there. The encounter for the Samaria woman was to help her thrive and grow from the well she was about to drink from. But, He wanted her to understand that the encounter was going to be a place of blessings and promise. A place where she could be re-established during a difficult time in her life. 

So, if wells are important to God in the Bible. It leaves me to wonder where are those wells today? I’ve learned they still exist.  We just have to be willing to draw from them because God’s purpose for our lives is for us to grow and thrive even in difficult seasons of our lives, even when we end up in foreign places. You know those places we drift into and wonder… “How did I get here?” Honestly, we know. It takes time to drift away. We see it little-by-little because the instant impact is not so great until we realize we’ve drifted into a foreign place. 

Don’t get me started with this, that’s a whole blog by itself. But, God’s intent is always to bring us into wealthy places where the wells we desire to draw from have already been dug and we don’t have to do the work to fill them. 

We just need a container. Lord! Fill me up because I need a well. 

Where are those places? Where can we go to become re-established and watered with the blessings and the promises God has for us? Because Lord, I need a well!

Do you believe those places still exist? 

I hope so. They exist even more today than they ever have. God used wells for the purposes I mentioned earlier. However, God has given man a wit of creativity to make witty inventions… Faucets! 

Pause! Can you imagine what our world would be like today if we had wells everywhere? What a mess!

So to me, the representation of wells today is the representation of Jesus’ as the living water. Lord, I need a well! I have a spiritual thirst that only Jesus Christ can satisfy. The Bible talks about the Holy Spirit. 

Hang on. Yes Lord! I have found my well!

First, let me tell you about the water truckloads of water we get monthly free. Yup! Free. My husband and I drive about an hour away once a month to get our spring water from fountains that flow freely through the mountains of Hot Springs, Arkansas. [If you’re ever on vacation, visit the spas. The city is simply amazing!] The only thing that we’re out of every single month is the gas we used going back and forth. Of course, we stop at our favorite Circle K store to grab our favorite slushy with assorted flavors for 79 cents. They are simply delicious. And we start the ride back home. 

Now! Think about water this way. 

Have you gone into a restaurant and asked for water with your meal? It’s free or dirt cheap one, even if you want it with ice?

See, water today is accessible to anyone who wants it. It’s free! We just have to ask for it. And some places, today, you can literally walk in and ask for water with a container and they’ll let you have it free. 

Yes Lord! I have found my well!

Even though the water may be free, it’s a sustainable substance we all need in order for us to live. As Jesus was talking to the Samaritan woman, He was conveying to the her… “Ma’am! You need a well!” Because what you are drinking now is not going to sustain you for a lifetime. Yes! Water from that well will temporarily satisfy a thirst. However, the living water of the Spirit will satisfy your thirst for a lifetime. 

Yes Lord! I have found my well!

In other words, we’re not going to stop driving to Hot Springs, Arkansas to get the natural spring water that flows freely from the wells of the mountains because our bodies crave that life-sustaining water. But, our souls crave intimacy with the life-giver–God. Therefore, the living water of the Holy Spirit was God’s plan for His people before the beginning of time. Until Adam and Eve messed all that up, remember?

I dare not go there! 

Because I have found my well!

How about you? Do you need a well too. [If you need kleenexes, I have some. I’ve used a lot of them lately.] 

The living water today provides wells for us during difficult times and those movements we’ve drifted away into foreign places. 

You know those foreign places when we’ve been offended because someone has hurt us so badly and never returned to apologize. [Sometimes “them” folks don’t even know we’re offended or hurting!] And, we refuse to tell them we have drifted away into a difficult season, nor do we seek a well where we can draw to get living water. 

We just keep dealing with the hurt in hopes they’ll come to their senses one day. But they never do! Then, we get caught in a web of unforgiveness and the cycle continues to manifest itself in other areas of our lives until we recognize and come to grips with how we’re hurting ourselves. 

Thank God! I have found a well!

Iyanla Vanzant said… “Forgiveness addresses how we think and feel about others and ourselves and how those thoughts manifest within our lives as energy.” 

However, when we draw from the well we find strength, comfort, forgiveness and reconciliation. But, we have to be willing to draw from the well. It’s free. And remember, we have to ask for it because the source of what we need is for eternity. 

[She leaves her seat to grab another box of kleenexes and sobs because I’m so glad God met me at “The Well!”]

In conclusion, the source of what we need can be taken advantage of because in our eyes we didn’t pay the price. It’s free to us. Uhmmm! We did nothing to earn it. Therefore, it’s easy to underestimate or take the well for granted. In other words, we didn’t dig “nut-in.” We’re simply reaping the benefits. Our little minds can’t grasp how deep, pure and huge our God is. So, we forget His presence. 

Consequently, we remember the well [the living water] when we experience loss or mourning of a loved one, the fear of being alone, and the shame of our past being exposed. As my grandmother would say… “We know from wist our help comes from when we get in trouble.” The enemy wants us to believe that the well is running dry and that our God is limited with the amount of living water He can supply for our healing and comfort. 

Thank God! The well is deep, pure and everlasting. It will never run dry. 

Let me encourage you to stop traveling today and resisting the living water that’s flowing freely from the well. You just need to bring a container [YOU] to be filled. God will provide the things you need for your soul so you will never thirst again. 

I pray that you will allow God to meet you at “THE WELL” too. 

You need Him. Jesus Christ will simply SATISFY you. I know He will.