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Where did the summer go? It feels like my children just returned to school. Now, on to the holidays! Boy, Oh Boy! I know. I feel the same.

That means we’ll be surrounded by family, which means we’ll experience unusual levels of stress, traffic, and there will be so much to accomplish in a short amount of time, which means back-to-back visitors coming to share memories, and things they hold so dear in their hearts.

We all enjoy spending holidays with family and friends, but there is some unhappiness that comes during the holiday bliss. Many times we fail to find ourselves truly living in the joy of the season or in joy at all. Especially, if we have lost loved ones, a child, a parent, a grandparent and the list of miss yous go on.

Joy may also seem impossible because finances during this time of the year has been difficult or possibly all year. You may be struggling with frustration, anxiety or depression. No matter who you are or your reasoning, finding joy in the holidays can be rekindled.

Joy-O-Me? It is not impossible for you, even during the holidays. It’s going to take some planning and being open with family and friends about your time and what’s going to work best for you.

We find ourselves putting our desires for the holidays on the back-burner and placing other people’s needs before our very own. Let’s be frank! If you’re not feeling up to it, you’re not going to be effective during the holidays. The party-pooper’s attitude is bound to show up. Right?

Photo by Bruno Aguirre on Unsplash

So, What if you did something different this year?

What if you set an intention to stay healthy and stress-free from now until the new year?

This is possible! Here are some quick proven ways to still have Joy-O-Me during the holiday season.

Be Aware You Can Choose Joy.

Spending a little extra time planning for a joyful holiday season can make all the difference. It is possible to have a wonderful, healthy, and enjoyable holiday season, despite all of the stressors. You can make the choice to be joyful. You owe it to yourself.

Take Care of Your Desires First

Holidays are always the busiest time of the year. However, this year make a list of the “must-haves.” What must you have to feel joyful during the holiday season? For example, if you desire not to spend truckloads of money during the holidays, make the choice not to. You can still give everyone something. You can write postcards; just make sure you carve out a little time to make each one personal for each household or friend. You can bake cookies or find other simple ways on Pinterest.

Be Kind to Yourself

Yes, it’s a busy season. But, when you take care of your body, mind, and spirit; you’re making sure your balanced and well-prepared to entertain family and friends. For example, if you’re the hostess and most of the family comes to your house. Whew! You need a lot of rest to remain sane during the holiday season. You’ll be better able to handle the intensity and your Joy-Oooo-Me will have time to kick-in.

Make Time for Self-Care

Take time to work-out, do yoga, daily meditation or take a few hours of quiet downtime with just your sofa and a good book or enjoy your favorite movie. Think! Me. Me. Me. Me. Meeee. You’ll wish for this time as the holiday season can get overwhelming.

Tackle Your “To-Do List ” With Others

Take care of your list early. Do portions of your list leading up to the holidays, so you won’t get too overwhelmed getting it done within a short amount of time. It would also be great to share the list with close friends, significant others, spouse, and teenagers. The ideal is for everyone to help so you can spend some time taking care of other things while paying attention to other projects.

Adopt a Family

Start early letting the family know that you desire to “adopt a family.” This is a great way for you and your family (especially kids and teenagers) to feel the profound joy of giving back. This allows children to place themselves in the shoes of other children and families that are not as fortunate to buy gifts during the holiday season. Remember that this season only comes once a year. Celebrating Jesus Christ should be OUR reason.

Photo by Preslie Hirsch on Unsplash

There are so many fabulous things about the holidays, so focus on the positive and use the above tips to deal with the rest. Be smart and creative about getting through this time with Joy-O-Me on your face, and above all, enjoy yourself.

Happy Holidays!