How Your Ego Can Destroy Everything?

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When we don’t listen to hear the voice of God, we find ourselves struggling with egoistical problems like Rachel and Leah. After so many years of fighting over one man (Jacob, their husband), and dealing with a dishonest father. Rachel and Leah realized and embraced that their ego could destroy everything. Therefore, their sense of self-esteem and self-importance hindered their lives for many years. Your ego can destroy everything.

Aren’t they like many of the relationships we’ve experienced or we’re encountering at the moment. We could alleviate a lot of pain and heartache if we just slow-down to listen to God’s voice. Even, in the midst of our mistakes, God is still faithful. He patiently waits for us to get right through His grace.

As noted with Rachel and Leah, they just won’t quit with each other. It was always something. Our ego can take us on unnecessary rollercoaster rides for days, months and sometimes years. All because we feel we’re in control. Then, once that rollercoaster ride becomes too risky or has caused us a lot of pain and suffering. We turn the situation over to God. 

But, what if we had slowed-down? 

The challenges we’ve faced for years. God deals with them over time. And, God teaches us how to wash our faces. Nonetheless, we have to examine our egotistical emotions that’s causing us so much pain. 

Rachel and Leah had exhausted themselves through egos, worry, hatred, and stubbornness. Their father Laban was out for self-gain and cared nothing about them. He was only interested in self-gain. 

Haven’t you met people with this type of ego? 

Your way will never work.

In Genesis 31:14-16, Rachel and Leah said, “Has he treated us any better? Aren’t we treated worse than outsiders? All he wanted was the money he got from selling us, and he’s spent all that. Any wealth that God has seen fit to return to us from our father is justly ours and our children’s.” 

Go ahead, Jacob! Do what God told you. We’re on your side. 

Consequently, Rachel and Leah got it. They recognized the ego fighting was foolish. Do you think Rachel and Leah thought about all the challenges they endured? How unladylike they had acted toward one another? 

Sure they did.

Rachel, Leah, and Jacob were finally on the same page about Laban. They let their egos, self-will, and emotions rule their decisions for years. And, they found themselves in a place (Laban’s house) they could never prosper if they didn’t work together.  

In addition, Jacob recognized his uncle was cheating him. But, Rachel and Leah were too busy fighting each other. They didn’t notice the deceitfulness of their father. That’s the way the enemy pits us against each other. We get so caught up in our sense of self-esteem and self-importance. We lose sight of what’s really important. 

However, it wasn’t until they came to themselves and recognized they were on the same team. They were married to the same man. 

You can alter your way of thinking.

Nonetheless, Jacob’s wives knew he worked hard and their families did not get what they deserved. They had to put their differences aside to survive. 

It took them years to come to this epitome. Relationships are hard work, but not impossible. It takes someone having a self-talk with themself and realizing–enough is enough. 

Tracy Vaillancourt’s research found that women by large expressed indirect aggression toward other women, and that aggression is a combination of “self-promotion,” making themselves look more attractive, and “derogation of rivals,” being catty about other women.

It sounds like clashing EGOs to me!

Yes, that’s it! Rachel and Leah encountered the same thing. They both loved a man and wanted to guard their territory. They both wanted to be the dominant force in their relationship. But, women compete, compare, undermine, and undercut one another because of the trauma we’ve endured over a lifetime. 

Also, guarding and carrying our egos on our shoulders around other women is perceived to be normal. However, over time, it’s more mentally exhausting. 

The energy between…

In conclusion, we all have an ego. YES, we all do! And, we must learn how to control it. If we allow our ego to go unchecked, it’s going to cause a lot of problems for us over time and create turmoil in our relationships. 

Negative feelings, such as anger, resentment, fear, and jealousy are all products of the ego. It’s up to us to choose what we allow to govern our lives. 

Today, choose Jesus Christ.

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