Five Simple Secrets for Boosting Average

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As I have been talking about self-image and self-discovery, my goal is to set you up to win. I also want you to recognize the gifts and talents God has placed on the inside of you. God intended for those gifts and talents to be used to bring glory to His name because the world we live in as a Christian doesn’t allow average because average is not good enough. Heres five simple secrets for boosting average.

The labels we’ve placed on ourselves. I pray they’re broken-down along with the barriers and the lies that we believe about yourselves. Also, I pray that there is a turning point in your life and that you walk in years of elevation because you have overcome the average places in your life. 

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To be honest, this blog is a little different this time. I can feel that you are ready for God to bring you from the normal and mundane places in your life. 

You and I agree that enough is enough. This is the last day you and I will no longer be average and have average results. You will walk in the newest of life. 

We have all been born with a purpose and a dream. Sometimes people may have forgotten it or have allowed other people to talk them out of it. Either way–the dream exists! We’ve stopped believing in it. 

Moreover, those dreams may have been dampened by deciding to keep working a job that’s giving a 3% raise every year (if you get that) because it appears to be better for your future. Or, you may be waiting around on a promotion that possibly may never happen. 

Let’s be clear. Average is not a dirty word. It’s a misunderstood word. It has no place in our everyday lifestyles and the choices we make to gauge our happiness. 

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Besides, the lies, depression, and rejection we have experienced has kept us in a place where it seems we can’t get out because we are bound by the average lives we live. Nonetheless, if we would slow down to see that God has put the answer on the inside of us and pray about where He wants us to be. We could all overcome–average.

The dreams that God has given us have been woven into the steps of our lives. And, when the dream is not being fulfilled, the side effects are depression, insecurity, and measuring ourselves among others that have accomplished their dreams. 

In short, we can’t wait for the results, we have to believe that we already have them. The more we believe in our dreams, they’ll come to pass. If our dreams are undeveloped, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to remain that way.

Subsequently, overcoming average means that we have to be patient. Whew! That’s a big word for many of us. I also believe, if impatience was a disease, and there was a medicine for it, many of us would be addicted. We don’t like waiting on God and for things to manifest.

Think about the last time you were at your favorite restaurant or going through the drive-thru. 

You see where I am going… Upon getting to the window, we want everything to be ready. Don’t let the employee say–“Pull up to curbside #1 and we’ll bring your order right out.” It’s a problem, right? We want everything fast. 

In addition, I can remember working with a teacher for a few years at an elementary school. We had a passion for our students when it came to educating them. But we differed when it came to discipline. I believed that children needed to use their manners (whether they learned them at home or not) with adults. The ma’ams, sirs, thank yous, etc. had to be used at all times in my presence, no matter where they were during the course of the school day. 

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On the other hand, my colleague was really laid back and allowed her students to conduct themselves in a way that appeared to be laid-back. Manners were something by choice. 

Nonetheless, after our third year of working together, I was asked to become the ‘acting principal’ in our school.’ That meant, whenever our principal was away from the building, I would make the decisions that were necessary for the staff and students. My work, standards, and the high regard for discipline I held for students had paid off. 

So after my colleague, upon hearing the great news, went to the Principal, quite disturbed regarding what she had heard, and explained why she should have been chosen for the position instead of me. 

Understandably, she was there at the school much longer than I was. But the Principal concluded. She wasn’t as equipped to do the task, nor had she put in the work. 

Let me be clear. As an educator, I knew my worth. I superseded average. 

Equally important, it takes time to achieve anything worth having. We just have to be willing to wait our turn. Sometimes when we are overcoming average our blessing will take longer. 

Finally, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. But the fact is, most of us are pretty average at most of the things we do. Even if we’re truly exceptional at one thing — like math or jumping rope, or making money — chances are we’re pretty average or below average at most other things. 

Can I get a witness? 

That’s just the nature of life. To become truly great at something, we have to dedicate time and energy to it. And because we all have limited time and energy, few of us ever become truly exceptional at more than one thing, if anything at all. So we remain average!

For instance, brilliant businessmen often mess up their personal lives. In my opinion, extraordinary athletes are often shallow and as dumb as a lobotomized rock. Most celebrities are probably just as clueless about life as the people who gawk at them and follow their every move. What they have over all of us is stick-to-it-ness! Hard work. 

We’re all, for the most part, pretty average people. It’s the extremes that get all of the publicity. 

This leads to an important point: that mediocrity, as a goal, sucks. But being exceptional should be our ultimate achievement. Check out these 4 ways to help you step into the exceptional you. 

Be Patient:

Explore finding a mentor who can help guide, direct, and shape your present situation and future opportunities for the better. That mentor should serve, offer support, wisdom, and teach you strategies over time. Sometimes we look at our mentors and want what they have. But don’t forget the time they’ve invested in you. They didn’t get there by themselves either.  

Is it okay to say that you and your mentor, at first, should not be driving the same car or living in the same caliber house at the same time? 

You have to wait your turn; you’ll get there. 

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My mentor told me years ago. “Whenever God gives you somebody, they’re in front of you for a reason. Don’t try to catch up with them. You need to enjoy the distance between you both. This will give you the opportunity to learn from them and what you’ve yet to pick up.”

Also, your mentor will be able reach back to give you the insight you need to make things happen in your life. 

Be Protective:

When God gives you a dream, you have to limit the people you allow around it. Everyone that’s close to you shouldn’t know your dreams and plans. Only a few people in your circle should have classified access. Only a few! 

Find the ones who have gone before you, who have made something out of nothing, who have been persistent and dedicated to their vision, who have faced self-doubt and fear along with facing the possibility of failure. These people will be the strongest sources of support, perspective, advice, and opinion and can be leaned on faithfully as you blaze your own path. Do NOT take the advice of someone who has a reality you don’t want. You’ll waste your time, open yourself up to doubt, and then, you’ll have to do a lot of rebuilding and reassurance, which takes away the precious time you could have used toward your dream.

The next time you want to tell your dream. Ask yourself–what can they do about it? If your answer is nothing, then, it’s not time. 

Be Pure:

Wait a minute. I’m not saying perfect. But you have to be worthy of something. You have to be honest, loyal, trustworthy so people are able to count on you.

It’s important to know that average people lie and continue to do average things, nor trusted by their actions. Watch your actions–plan to be loyal and do what’s right in the sight of God. You will come out better in the long run, even, if it looks like you’re not gaining. Set your intentions to walk away from people that are contaminating your purpose. 

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Be Poise:

Protect your dreams, your hopes, your future, and everything you are and hope to be. We are not all at the same place in life. Sometimes we are not even on the same road with others. What matters is that we are on the road that is right for us. We have to protect our dreams from negative people and anything else that pulls us down. And while we are learning to fly; we have to remain poised. When your dreams are not fulfilled, don’t lose character and become unglued. Proverbs 9:10 says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Stay humble. You need all you can get. 

Be Privilege:

Remain focus on the way that you act around other people. They are watching you. You know sometimes we grade people by their actions. But shouldn’t we grade them on their reactions to our dreams? The next time you praise somebody about their gifts and talents. Listen and watch the reactions of others. The way they respond is the way they will treat you too. 

In closing, do you have the courage to be extraordinary or are you going to stay in your situation to be who you are? Average! 

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It’s not that extraordinary people never fail, but they’re the ones who put themselves out there despite their failures. Noted author and lecturer Brené Brown, Ph.D., writes eloquently of this in her book Daring Greatly: “When we spend our lives waiting until we’re perfect or bulletproof before we walk into the arena, we ultimately sacrifice relationships and opportunities that may not be recoverable, we squander our precious time, and we turn our backs on our gifts, those unique contributions that only we can make.”


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