Discover How to Awaken the Prayers on the Inside of You

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Prayers for God’s Help As He Awakens the Prayers on the Inside of You

Have you ever listened to or seen someone pray? Then you said to yourself, “Boy! I wish I could pray like that.” I think we’ve all been there at some point. But I wanted to go deeper. With this intention, the more that I studied prayer, I discovered it was their words, their heart, and their relationship with God that mesmerized me. For this purpose, I desired to discover how to awaken the prayers on the inside of me.

Yes, I went to church. But that was about it. 

I agreed with the Pastor’s sermon. As a matter of fact, I volunteered in my church, when time allowed, I gave a little money to my church if I had any left-over after I met all my needs at home.

First, I treated everyone nicely whenever I attended my church on Sundays.

I enjoyed going to church and it was refreshing to see others living for Jesus Christ. In addition, I made it a point not to bother anyone, nor did anyone bother me. My relationship with God was fairly consistent throughout my life. Simply put, I knew what I had to do. And, I knew very well what I was supposed to do.

But one particular Sunday differed from all the rest. My pastor asked his congregation a question and I sincerely couldn’t answer it with assurance. He asked the congregation, “How would you describe your relationship with God?”

Blah-Blah-Blah! Blank stare.

I honestly couldn’t answer the question. I justified the decisions and choices that I had made in the past. My response to myself was…”God, you understand that I am human. And, I know that you love me so much you’ll never allow any danger to befall me.” 

All and all, God’s love had nothing to do with the moral decisions that I’ve made. His love is unconditional. However, His word gave me the instructions I needed to live my life reverencing Him. Therefore, all the excuses I had were just that. Excuses!

Not only–but, I knew if I didn’t follow those instructions, there were going to consequences for the decisions I’ve made, which would affect my relationship with God.

Discovering Your Relationship With God

Second, discovering your relationship with God was not going to be a one-shot, which means you go purchase a new Bible and a prayer journal and start your journey.

It’s going to take some practicei.

You may be asking yourself. How do I practice prayer? 

To tell the truth, I can’t say that practicing prayer will be easy because it’s not. It will take time, effort, sacrifices, and reading God’s word to understand His heart. And, your gift.

I’m not a tremendous sports fan. Obviously, to play, fitness is a priority to take part in any game of sports. You must be in shape. I can’t imagine any player on anyone’s team showing up on the first day to play in the game when there was no practice.

Unquestionably, you know that unpracticed players will ride the bench. Furthermore, I don’t see that player being privileged enough to attend the first game, especially, after never showing up for practice.

Cultivating Your Gift

Jesus expects us to use our talents to affect the kingdom and other’s lives. Jesus used parables to example to His disciples how the Kingdom of Heaven operates. In one parable, a rich man was going on an interminable journey. He divided his money among three men. 

The first and second servants did business with their money and returned with double the amount given to them. However, the third servant hid his money in the ground. 

Upon the Master’s return, he commended the two servants for their work, investment, time, effort, impact (should I say any more), and rewarded them with greater things.  

The third servant made excuses. He told his master he was afraid he would lose his money, so he hid it in the ground safely. 

The master was livid. He didn’t give the third servant a talent not to use it. At that very moment, Jesus explained to his disciples. God gave each of you an uncommon gift or talent. He wants us to use them well and not bury them if we plan to serve Him well.

Nurturing Your Relationship With God

After you have established a relationship with God, you have to work on continuously developing a relationship with God. For example, it’s like placing seeds in the ground. You don’t just put seeds in the ground and never return to see if the seed has grown.

But you return daily to nurture (water, pull weeds, and talk to your seed) to ensure it’s going to grow. God has given you everything you need that pertains to life and godliness. As a result, He can’t do anything else to make life more perfect for you. He has done it all.

Besides, you can’t cultivate and nurture a gift, if you haven’t developed a relationship with Him. If you haven’t developed a relationship with God, be honest with yourself, and realize you haven’t cultivated that relationship and it’s going to take time to get it done. Of course, you may not have always shunned temptation the way you should have — but, you’ve tried your best.

Life can be challenging. And when it is challenging, you probably don’t desire or even remember to invite Jesus Christ into your situation. More than likely, you just don’t know-how.

However, during those challenging moments, it’s a perfect time to awaken the prayers on the inside of you.

How Do I Talk to God? 

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. A daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Prayer is communication with God. It’s taking any situation that bothers, excites, or haunts you to someone who cares for you. 

Think about a friend you have that you can call and tell everything. With this in mind, God wants to be that friend. A friend you can cast all of your cares on because He cares for you.

Because of this, talking to God is a practice. If you haven’t talked to God in a while, I would suggest you write down several topics you want God to know about. 

I know! You want to talk to Him about everything. Of course, God can handle it. But you don’t want to overwhelm yourself trying to get everything out all at one time. 

If you’re like me, you have a lot to say all at one time. Lord! I just want you to fix this mess I’ve gotten myself into. Or, Lord, you keep loading me daily with your benefits, so would you keep doing that for me?

Although all of those are important, you need a starting point. 

The biggest point that many of us forget to do in prayer. We forget to take time to listen to God. He speaks. 

It just like calling that friend I mentioned and sharing everything you have to tell them. You go on and on. Afterward, you finish talking. You offer them a good day and hang up the phone.

You’re not trying to hurt your friend; it’s a habit. When we’re under pressure it’s a habit to take care of our needs first and everyone else”s is insignificant at that moment.

He’s A Friend

For instance, if you are meeting someone for the first time for dinner, and you don’t have a relationship with them. The first several times will feel awkward. And it will sacrifice your comfort zone.  

Certainly, the length of time it takes to develop the relationship will depend on how often you both talk to each other to figure out the beauty of the relationship. Upon going out for the first time, it will be a little different. Even after you run out of things to say, you both struggle to figure out how to keep the communication going.  

Trust the relationship is developing, even when you have nothing to say. 

It’s a practice! 

The next time you’re out together. You’ll be able to talk about more than the weather. And before you know it, you and your friend are talking about everything. All because you feel safe about the relationship you developed with them. 

Awakened Prayers

Prayer is your conversation with God. And yet, it’s your most important conversation. That being the case, you have to slow-down to hear what’s going to be said. 

The more that God speaks to you. The more you will awaken the prayers on the inside of you because after you have developed that relationship with Him. You’ll desire to please God’s Heart.

That’s when your prayers will awaken the more that God honors your dreams and desires. The more you will desire to honor Him with your life. 

Find A Mentor or Life Prayer Coach

To get that done, you must find a mentor or life coach you admire and who’s strong enough to stand with you as you practice your prayers. Remember the third servant with the talent, he was afraid and didn’t know what to do with his talent, so he buried it. 

I believe if he had had a life coach. He wouldn’t have made that decision. 

We all can do some dumb stuff if we don’t talk it through with somebody. 


God has given you a talent and if you don’t use it. You’ll find excuses for not using your talent. Do these excuses sound familiar—I’m not good enough. I don’t have the talent and I don’t know what to say when I pray. I will look like a fool. Whew! That list of excuses is endless. 

Every talent we’re given is a gift from God. That gift is not to benefit us only, but the Kingdom of God. Someone is looking for your prayers to make a difference in their life. 

Undoubtedly! That difference can be you. 

So, invest in yourself and ask a life coach to help you practice awakening the prayers you have within. Make sure your coach has experience in prayer. You don’t want to choose a friend or someone you hang out with at your local church. You need a partner that’s going to continue to practice with you. Besides, you’re putting in the work so you don’t have time for the shenanigans.

Furthermore, souls are waiting for you.

After you’ve connected to someone that has empowered you, there are a few more things you need to do to keep the desire of prayer alive. 

Connect With Others

You have a responsibility after you develop a relationship with God. Connect to someone else to empower them. In all honesty, we all have aways to go, but don’t let that stop you.

God’s grace is sufficient for you. 

Therefore, every day is a good day to know God. Every day is a good day to recruit others to this life — to show people. God is a friend and He is sovereign in all His ways. 

Showing them through your lifestyle that anything is possible.

In conclusion, stay in humility. Keep the faith. Make moral choices.

Above all, help others and you will know God.