Anxiety: The Slow Killer

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Anxiety can be a normal part of life when faced with stressors such as changes in relationships or making the smallest decisions. When anxiety is persistent, it interferes with our daily functioning, which eventually becomes a problem! If anxiety is not dealt with over time, it will slowly kill us.

Every day, as I’m reading and listening to God’s word my understanding of anxiety is becoming more clearer. Many of God’s chosen leaders in the bible dealt with anxiety, worry, and fear. However, they trusted God to get them through every one of their situations.

I’m even more assured that anxiety is a part of life. More importantly, I’ve come to a place of realization that our anxiety is not happening on the outside around us, but on the inside. Our anxiety is connected to our past experiences, relationships, careers, and the continual downfalls we’ve experienced over time. And, every bitter unsettling experience has driven us to create these feelings that continuously sabotage our future. If anxiety continues to go unchecked, we will live a life of being anxious about everything.

As you read the Book of Psalm, you will find that David struggled with anxiety and situations he had no control over as a chosen leader. The Book of Psalm demonstrates his highs and lows as he confronted difficult situations.

In Psalm 61:1, David is far away from home And without safety. He became desperate for God, in despair, loss, and struggle. “My heart is overwhelmed!” he tells the Lord. Have you ever been in a place where you have tried everything within your own strength and everything led you to a dead-end? Then, you decided to cast all your cares upon God because you know in spite of yourself and the things you’ve done. He still loves you and wants to make things alright.

Well! If we are honest, many of us can relate to those feelings of David. We know what it’s like to sit in darkness and wonder if the light will ever come. When our minds are clouded by our current situations, the stress overtakes us, and we’re unable to see ourselves getting out of that bad situation. Therefore, it feels easier to worry because we feel this is how life really is.

The next time you are confronted with a terrible situation and you’re sitting in sorrow, don’t sit alone. Invite God to sit with you in that situation because it’s too much for you to handle alone.

David was so desperate for God. He called out to God in prayer. He knew that the only way he could rest and find safety was for God to save him. If you’ve read any of the Psalms of David, you know that he always found shelter, rest, and comfort in the word of God. We should be willing to do the same at our darkest moments; we should cry out to God who can save us from the situations we’ve created and find comfort in God’s grace and mercy.

During your prayer times, do as David did. Psalm 139:23-24, He asked God to “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” David realized as I mentioned earlier. Some of our anxious thoughts come from overthinking and allowing the enemy to play with our minds and emotions.

As you’re journaling over the coming months, don’t allow anxiety to be caused by what others are thinking about you. Who cares? People are always going to believe what they want to believe about you. You can’t convince them of the truth or anything about you?

Respect, it’s their right to believe what they want to believe. Take a deep breath and move forward.

On the other hand, you can’t afford to get caught up with what other people are saying about you. Or, could it be that no one is really talking about you? And, you’re just anxious because you believe they are.

The Temptations sang this song years ago, but it’s so true to the way we think today.”Just My Imagination” says it best. So, could it be just your imagination running away with you?

In addition, I’ve been keeping a “thought” journal to track what I’ve been thinking about and how healthy my thoughts are. [I hope you create a journal over the next couple of months to jot down your thought patterns as well.]

When you shift your intentions and thoughts over the coming months, you’ll have to get out of your perception of things and start seeing things from God’s pre’view. A lot of things that you may be imagining and are anxious about may not be real. It just appears it is.

Nothing changes until you do.

If you continue to create images in your mind, you’re allowing the enemy to have control over all your thoughts. Stand strong…God will not suffer your foot to be moved. You have been given the power to take responsibility for your own anxiety. Be honest with God about what you’re facing and how you’re feeling about it.

My words of wisdom for you: If you don’t have a place of peace, you won’t create a place for peace to dwell. My journal is filled with a lot of things I have no control over, but I find myself worried about them anyway.

I’m equally convinced your anxiety will have a lot to do with family and friends. [No further comments.]

Finally, every time you cast your cares on Him. You won’t stay up another night worried about something God has already worked out. Own your healing, take time to work through your season of dealing with anxiety. If you don’t, you will continue to live with indecisiveness that will keep you in your private prison a lifetime.

From this day forward, start going hard about your imagination and your future. Let’s take a few moments before you finish reading this blog. Be still for a few moments and allow this to digest. Ask God to show you the ways that you are preventing Him from coming into your life. Get involved with prayer and worship so God can show you how to make decisions in the coming weeks to help you be bold about your destiny.

In closing, pray this with me “Father, help me to feast on the pure sincere milk of God so the air of pure worship can bring me to an altitude where I can breathe the pure grace of God. Lord! Let the peace of God transcend all understanding to guard my heart and my mind. Help me to be at peace when I have to make decisions that may cause anxiety to hunt me. I declare anxiety is over me; regardless of my diagnosis and the circumstances, I’m facing. I declare sovereign peace to the storms in my soul today. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.