A Lifestyle Of Praise

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Having a lifestyle of praise should be a typical way of life. It should also include our habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, and how we live our life. I believe our lifestyle is something we develop over-time. After a certain age, our lifestyle is no longer something that can be taught; it’s a practice. We have to practice praising God until it becomes perfected. I truly believe that’s how praise is cemented in our hearts. It’s first practiced, and then, it becomes a lifestyle, the way we live our life.

Many times we get praise mixed up with merely sitting quietly in a corner, in our car, or in a closet totally surrendered unto God, saying nothing. Uh! That’s not praise. It’s praying and/or worship. [To worship, is to honor, or show reverence for as a divine being or supernatural power. It’s to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion].

On-the-other-hand, praise is the act or expressive approval, admiration; commendation, and laudation. It’s the offering of grateful homage in words or song. A hymn of praise to God or a dance.

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For example, if we go to a game, concert, recital, or any event that causes us to express how we feel. We’re going to express excitement, approval, admiration, commendation, and laudation out loud. Others will know through our actions, we’re participating in the event.

So how can we bring praise to God? What can we do to make it an integral part of our life? Psalm 34:1 says it best…”I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” It’s that simple. We have to express excitement when serving such a great big God. He is so much bigger than any recital, game, or concert, He’s God. Praise is something we have to practice. It’s not automatic when serving God. Learning to praise God involves a lot of factors. First, if we don’t feel comfortable or practice praising God in private, we’re not going to do it publicly or around anyone else. Somehow, mere-man has robbed us of that opportunity. We have become engrossed with how we look, what people would think, or we’re just down-right embarrassed if we praise God openly.

I get it! I was there at one time or another myself. However, I prayed and I ask God to totally allow me to lose myself when it comes to praising Him. I readily keep in mind; my praise is unto to God, not mere-man.

Unfortunately, some of the individuals we work or dine with are not great examples of how we should praise God. We have been shown the opposite of praising God. Our circles have taught us silently that praise is personal and should be done privately. Also, we have been told, a man or a woman can’t teach you or give you their interpretation of the Bible. That can be done on your own.

So, when does God get the praise that’s owed to Him? Think about this…If you’re not open to praising God, you probably won’t praise God in the grocery store when the customer ahead of you pays for your groceries. However, if it’s a lifestyle. You’ll praise God for His blessings, right then. [I’m not talking about outlandish praise…dancing, shouting, running around in circles; even though that can happen.] Yet! There should be expressive praise acknowledging God for His continuous goodness.

You wouldn’t wait until you got to your car.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to praise God in the car, however, if it were your lifestyle, you’ll praise God in the grocery store so others could witness God’s favor on your life. Anytime someone gives us something, it’s totally God placing us on the heart of people to sow into our lives. [Praise Break!].

The way we live for God is a true expression and admiration for Him. And, this expression can’t be hidden.

Here’s another example closer to home. If you attend a favorite event and it was super-awesome, and you loved it, guess what? You’re going to tell others about your experience. You wouldn’t keep it to yourself. No doubt. The event left an unforgettable impression in your mind. Therefore, your experience is worth talking about a lifetime. Praising God should be the same way. It should leave such an impression on us. We’ll tell everyone about the goodness of God everywhere we go. See, our praise couldn’t be hidden.

The more we live a life full of praise; it will assist us in becoming who God wants us to be. Praise is not influenced by how we feel, rather, it is an act of our will. At any moment, we’re choosing to be thankful for everything that God has done and promised in His words. 1 Thessalonians 5:18: Give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Let’s look at four benefits of praising God:

1. Praise stops the enemy. The enemy will try with all he has to distract, discourage, and ultimately kill our spirit. But, while we’re praising, God’s presence shows up on the scene. Praise releases us from emotional bondage and from the pain of our past. We all have come from situations that have brought us pain. The more we praise God. His presence comes into our life, invades our life, and the pain is driven far away from us. We’ll experience the peace of God and be more willing to forgive those that have hurt us.

2. Praise brings deliverance. Paul and Silas when they were unfairly imprisoned. At midnight, they were praying and singing songs to God. Suddenly, there was a massive earthquake, and the prison was shaken to its foundation. All the doors immediately flew opened and the chains of every prisoner fell off. Now that’s praise! Anything that goes on after midnight, should be spent praising God.

3. Praise causes God to defend our rights. Throughout the Book of Psalm, there are many examples of praise. Praise declares our total dependence on God. We have to allow God to get involved in our affairs. Every time we allow God to get involved, His power is dispatched on our behalf because our praise allowed Him to respond immediately.

4. Praise allows us to believe Who God is. David praised God for many blessings. But, David also praised God because he knew God. David learned to praise God in every test and trial, he went through. David didn’t always make the right decisions; He still praises for His grace and mercy. In conclusion, we have been delivered from facing dangers seen and unseen because we have opened our mouth to let God know Who He is in our life. God always gives us the victory, even when we mess up. His love is continuous.

Blessings would flow more abundantly in our lives, if we would just learn to praise Him.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash